World HistoryFeudalismIntroduction (Why did Feudalism Develop)
Features of Feudalism
The Church ruleDark Ages
The Changing TimesEmergence of Trade, Towns and Cities
Change in Method of Production: Guilds
Rise in influence of Merchant Class
Transition to Capitalist Economy
King Merchant Nexus and the Peasant Revolts
Modern EraRenaissance & Reformation
Beginning of International Trade
The Rise and Fall of the Absolute Monarchy
The English Revolution
Seven Year Global War (1754-63) Introduction 
Reason behind the War
Result: Treaty of Paris of 1763
American Revolution (1765-1783)Introduction 
Reasons for American resentments against the British 
Mercantile Capitalism 
Proclamation of 1763
Role of Enlightenment Thinkers
Recovery of (Seven Year) War Expenditure
No Representation in British Parliament
Intolerable Acts of 1774 & the Philadelphia Congress
American Revolutionary War  (1775)
Second Treaty of Paris 1783 
French Revolution and Napoleonic WarsReasons behind French Revolution
Three Estates
Unpopular Monarchy & financial troubles
Role of Enlightenment
Events in the French Revolution of 1789.
Impact/Constructive Criticism of French Revolution 
Nationalism – Rise and Impact Concept of Nation 
Misuse by Absolute Monarchs
Role of Revolutionary Thinkers 
Industrial Revolution & Nationalism
Unification of Germany and of ItalyUnification of Germany
Social & Economic conditions
Role of Napoleonic Wars & French Revolution
Failure to unite under a Democracy
Unification under Bismarck: Policy of Blood & Iron
Unification of Italy
Role of 1848 Revolts
Industrial RevolutionHistory of Methods of Production before Industrial Revolution 
Industrial Revolution
Why Industrial Revolution first in England?
Components of Industrial Revolution 
Revolution in Textile Sector
Steam Power
Revolution in Iron Production 
Revolution in Transport & Communication
Agriculture Revolution 
Impact of Industrial Revolution
Spread of Industrial Revolution outside England
Colonialism + ImperialismThe History of Colonialism 
Impact of Colonialism 
Relation between Colonialism and Mercantile Capitalism 
Difference between Colonialism and Imperialism
Definition of New Imperialism
History of New Imperialism
Colonialism in AfricaFrance in Scramble for Africa 
Britain in Scramble for Africa 
Germany in Scramble for Africa 
Italy in Scramble for Africa 
Impact of Colonialism on Africa 
Colonialism +  Imperialist in the world Colonialism in Pacific
Colonialism in Central and West Asia
Colonialism in China
Imperialist Japan 
Imperialist US 
Major events before World War -ICauses of Friction within Europe 
Events during World war I
Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points (1918)
Attitude of the Allied Powers & the Peace treatiesTreaty of Versailles
Treaty of Sevres (1920) 
Treaty of St Germain (1919) 
Treaty of Trianon (1920)
Verdict on Peace Treaties
Impact of the World War I (1914-19)
The World from 1919-23League of Nations 
Aims of the League of Nation
League Covenant
Organizational Structure of the League of Nations
Evaluation of Performance of League of Nations
Success of the League of Nations
Failures/Causes of Ineffectiveness of the League of Nations 
Impact of the failure of the League of Nations
Comparison of UN with the League of Nations 
Similarities between UN and LoN 
1929 to Second World WarThe Great Economic Depression of 1929 
National Movement in Asia and Africa
Spanish Civil War 1931
Lausanne Conference (1932) 
World Disarmament Conference 1932
Fascism in Italy
Munich Pact 1938
Poland Invasion 1939 
Battle of Stalin Grad 1942
After World WarsYalta Conference 1945 and Formation of UNO
International RelationsFrance-Germany relations (1919-33)
Britain-USSR Relations (1919-33)
USSR-Germany Relations (1919-33)
USSR-France Relationship (1919-33)
Adolf Hitler & The Nazis
Europe Post Second World WarCommunism in Europe
Cold War
DecolonisationDecolonisation of Asia and Africa
Chinese Revoltion 1949
Formation of NAM
Vietnam War 1955 – 75
Israel and Palestine Conflict
Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter 1Industrial Revolution
Chapter 2French Revolution
Chapter 3Nationalism in Europe
Chapter 4Nation State System
Chapter 5Unification of Italy
Chapter 6Unification of Germany
Chapter 7Colonialism
Chapter 8American Revolution
Chapter 9World War
Chapter 10Russian Revolution
Chapter 11Great Depression
Chapter 12Fascism
Chapter 13Nazism
Chapter 14World War II
Chapter 15Decolonisation
Chapter 16Issues in Middle East
Chapter 17Cold War
Chapter 18Other Topic