World GeographyOrigin and Evolution of Universe Solar System and EarthUniverse and Elements of Solar System
Origin, Theories and Evolution of the Earth
Geological History of the Earth – Geological Time Scale
Geological Time Scale
Motions Of the Earth – Inclination of the Earth’s Axis and its Effects
Latitude And Longitude Including Important Parallels and Meridians
Local And Standard Time And The International Date Line
Eclipses – Solar, Lunar
Interior Structure of the Earth
Continents and Ocean Basins
Continental Drift Theory
Plate Tectonics Theory
Earth Movements – Endogenetic & Exogenetic
Landform and its Development
Rocks and its Types
Weathering and Denudation
Drainage System
Important Geophysical PhenomenonEarthquake – Prediction, Causes, Types, Effects
Volcanoes – Causes, Types, Distributions
AtmosphereStructure, Composition Of Atmosphere
Weather & Climate
Solar Insolation and Heat Budget
Air Pressure and Atmospheric Circulation
Temperature Belts of World
Pressure Belts of Earth
Temperature Belts of the World
Winds – Global and Local Winds
Jet Streams
Precipitation – Forms & Types
Distribution of Rainfall
Cloud and its Types
Air Masses and Fronts
Cyclones – Tropical and Temperate
Climate and its Classification – Koeppen
World Climatic Regions
Hydrological Cycle
OceansOceanic Relief Features
Factors Controlling Ocean Temperature and its Distribution
Factors Controlling Ocean Salinity and its Distribution
Ocean Deposits
Coral Reefs – Conditions for Formation, Types and Importance
Coral Bleaching
Marine Resources
Waves, Ocean Currents and Tides
Soil and Natural VegetationStructure and Composition of Soil
Soil Profile and Horizons
Soil Classification
Soil Degradation and Conservation
Natural Vegetation of the World
World Economic and Human GeographyFactors affecting the Agriculture
Types of Agriculture
Major Crops grown in World
Agricultural Practices and Techniques
Animal Husbandry and Allied Activities (Apiculture, Sericulture, Fisheries etc)
Concepts related to Agriculture – Crop Productivity, Crop Intensity and Agricultural Efficiency
Mineral Resouces – Types & Distribution
Conservation of Minerals Resources
Energy Resources – Types & Distribution
Conservation of Energy Resources
Major Industries – Classification & Industrial Regions of the World
Major Industries of the World – Iron and Steel, Cotton, Sugar and IT etc
Transport – Land, Water, Air, Railways
Communication – Satellite, Cyber Space
Population – Growth and Distribution of World Population
Demographic Transition – Stages
Demographic Attributes
Urbanisation – Causes, Stages and Problems
Classification of Urbanisation
Races and Tribes of the World
MappingMap Based Questions from World