Vincenzo – One of the Most Popular Korean dramas of 2021 – K-Drama Review

If I tell you the truth, I watched this show Vincenzo in 2022 while the show aired last year in 2021. I was not at all interested in watching the show, until I felt the real FOMO, guys.

Many people gave me positive and honest reviews about the show but I seriously avoided this show as well as DOTS, which I truly regret now.

I watched Descendants of the Sun this year (I will be writing its review in a few days) and I was completely hooked. With all the Song Joon-ki charm, I was so not ready to leave watching his character with only one drama. Then, I stumbled upon Vincenzo and I wish I can watch it again for the first time.

MAFIA – Consigliere

With all the gangster-esque thrill of hand-to-hand combats in the mafia world as well as the straightforward law universe with colorful and supporting characters which come together to bring humor and tension stacked encounters, is Italian concierge Vincenzo.

Vincenzo – SYNOPSIS:

The story starts with Vincenzo finding out about the death of his boss cum adopted father – the opening episode scenes were very famous on Instagram reels this year where you see Vincenzo walking out after burning the estate of the Mafia boss who killed his boss, this leads him to leave Italy and flee to Korea.

Then, you see the aura of the drama shift suddenly from tension filled scenes to sappy comedy. I will be very honest here, many people told me that they stopped watching the drama after the first half episodes because they felt that it’s not moving forward and is a bit over the place- which is very true to some extent. It took at least 8 episodes for this drama to actually find its footing. The makers took many episodes to find balance between comedy and thriller concepts.

Geumga Plaza – Gold

The story sees Vincenzo trying to hunt for the gold stash that is buried in a safe locker beneath the Geumga Plaza. Here, Vincenzo finds himself fighting against the Babel group who wants to demolish the plaza.

With all the unique characters written for every resident in the plaza, the show gets more interesting when Vincenzo finds himself entangled with the root of the problem. After many episodes, when the maniac cum chairman of the Babel group, Jang, makes the feud personal by killing Vincenzo’s long lost mother, we find makers showing us the mafia nature of Vincenzo when he raises hell. Well, this is my favorite part of the drama.

Vincenzo – Favorite Scenes

One of my favorite scenes from the drama is when Vincenzo and his friend Choi Young-joon try to steal the gold stash from the safe. We find many good and beautiful relationships between the characters like Vincenzo and Jang Han-seo.

Overall, you will need some time to digest the concept of the drama but once you do, Vincenzo is an enjoyable drama to watch with interesting scenes and character growth. I would definitely recommend this to you in your free time.

K-Drama: Vincenzo

  • Ratings:
    • 8.4/10 IMDB
    • 9/10 MyDramaList
  • Lead Cast:
    • Song Joong-ki,
    • Jeon Yeo-been,
    • Ok Taecyeon,
    • Kwak Dong-yeon
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: February 20 – May 2, 2021
  • Director: Kim Hee-Won
  • Genre: Comedy, Law, Crime, Drama
  • Original language: Korean
  • Original Network: Netflix tvN

Watch Here: NETFLIX

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