The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas – Book Review

Honestly? This book has my heart. While it was in my to-be-read for a very long time, I didn’t start this book and I definitely regretted that so many people read about Lina and Aaron before me. Its absolutely an astonishing but nevertheless very pleasant debut from Elena Armas.

The main protagonists of the book, Catalina and Aaron seem to hate each other. Well well well, as if we booknerds don’t enjoy a steamy enemy-to-lovers trope. They both work in an engineering consulting company right in the heart of New York City. The opening lines of the book, “I’ll be your date to the wedding”, folks, this will hook you up when you will prefer to be sleep deprived while reading this book till 6am.

They both agree to pretend to be each other’s date to Catalina’s sister’s wedding. And here comes entertainment, a fancy auction, very unique bachelor-slash-bachelorette party, a loud but loving Spanish family, an ex who is newly engaged, truth about themselves which makes their world upside-down. Its definitely a packed novel.

Catalina Martin, who goes by Lina, is a 28-years old spanish woman who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is a strong and ambitious woman, who is not afraid of hardwork and secured a high-standing position in her company by herself. But, she is an overthinker which leads her to give in to her insecurities about scrutiny when she lands without date in her sister’s wedding. This leads her to bring a fake date.

Aaron Blackford, is a grumpy and standoffish kind of man. He always acts arrogant or sarcastic in front of Lina but when he proposes himself to be the fake date, his reasons are not clear. But, as the novel moves forward his actions makes sense.

I am so in love with Elena’s way of storytelling. Take these lines for example.

‘Hours left to board the flight to wedding-doom: twenty-four.
Level of anxiety: reaching emergency status.
Contingency plan: triple-chocolate brownie. A truckload of it’

Her way of writing the novel will make you swoon. Of course, novel has its drawbacks as people speak of it as an unrealistic plot. But, this book will always stay special for some people who wish that they can read it the first time again and again. In the starting of the book, you can feel the tension between Lina and Aaron as they both either fight or give each other snide remarks. Now, this will also make readers think as to why Aaron wants to become Lina’s fake date and why he wants to fly to another side of the earth to help someone he seems to hate. But you can’t always expect humans to have reasons to do something insane, thats what I would say for the explanation. This is fiction and everything is possible in fiction.

The dialogues of Lina and Aaron will make you wish for more. The way Armas used Spanish language in many places will make you curious and you will definitely imagine Lina as vivid rather than literary. Author also shows how Lina is struggling to not let her past have a say in her present which is awe-inspiring as many women face this in real life too. In many instances, Lina is potrayed standing up for women rights and the need for their opinions to be heard and respected in the corporate world. The real-life commentary done by author does not fail to brighten up the novel.


  • Writer: ELENA ARMAS
  • Published by: Simon & Schuster
  • First Published on 21 February 2021
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance, Enemy to Lovers, Fake dating
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 448
  • Price: ₹699

Quotes From “The Spanish Love Deception” By Elena Armas

“I’ll give you the world,” he said against my mouth. “The moon. The fucking stars. Anything you ask, it’s yours. I’m yours.”

“Because it was all you were willing to give me. And I’d rather have you hating me than not have you at all.”

“When I finally kiss you, there won’t be any doubt in your mind that it is real.”

“You feel complete in my arms. You feel like my home.”

“If you get any more perfect, I’m going to believe you were made just for me.”

“How is it possible that it feels like you are breaking my heart, and I haven’t even had you yet?”

“I don’t think I’d be able to deny you a single thing if you asked, Catalina.”

“But you are. You are worth all that trouble. You are worth walking through a fucking fire. Don’t you see that?”

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