The Moon

Credits – Astrobites

  • Moon is the only natural satellite of planet Earth
  • The first theory regarding the evolution of the Moon was given by Sir George Darwin in 1838.
    • It says that initially, the earth and moon formed a single rapidly rotating body.
    • As a result, the mass of both turned into a dumbbell-shaped body.
    • Eventually, the dumbbell-shaped body broke.
  • Some theories also suggest that the current moon was actually separated from what we see as a large depression in the Pacific Ocean.
  • The present scientific community, however, doesn’t accept either of the above theories.
  • Scientists believe that due to what is called the “big splat”, the formation of the moon as a satellite of earth took place.
  • The collision of a body, two to three times bigger than the moon, resulted in a broken part of the earth.
    • This broken material kept orbiting the earth, and eventually led to the formation of the moon.
    • The moon is about 4.44 billion years old.

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