Sources of Inspiration

Why Inspiration?

If there is one thing that we all need to carry on with our lives with contentment – it’s inspiration!

Inspiration keeps us going. It is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something better and bigger in life. The one quote that fits here aptly is “Push yourself, never settle”. You can achieve almost anything in life if you are inspired enough!

Where to find Inspiration?

Having talked about inspiration so much, the first thing that would come to your mind is, where do I find this inspiration? To be honest, inspiration is like an event which can occur any time. But everyone’s Inspiration need not to be same. So here are different sources from where you can dig some inspiration for yourself!

Sources of Inspiration:

1. Role Models

Role models are the biggest and most common sources of Inspiration. They can be anyone – a billionaire businessman, or an actor, someone who got fit after a vigorous time of burning out. They are also the most effective type of inspiration. When we watch someone following a routine – we envy them in the beginning (we have all been there), but then, we start asking them for tips! Such role models help us with the much need mental pump to something of our own!

2. Nature

Nature is the ultimate and most beautiful source of Inspiration. It is following it’s discipline for the past billions of years unfailingly. Being in sync with nature can be immensely inspiring. The way in which the trees in the wood protects the ground from the sunlight falling on it, the way in which a chilling winter helps us realize how without an aid like a coat, we’d all be having chilling bodies, helps us realize the might of nature. This might is something to learn from.

3. Books

A book is a man’s best friend. They have neither complaints nor demands, but only offer constant support and motivation. There are so many people in the world who have got amazing, practical stuff to share about how they achieved the pinnacle of success in their life and made it big. Even more amazing thing- they wrote books about it to walk a reader through the hurdles and failures of their lives! What can be a better source of Inspiration than the biography of Sir APJ Abdul Kalam, Steve jobs and Bill Gates to name a few. Instead of making a ton of mistakes ourselves why don’t learn from someone else’s?

4. Movies

Similar to how books offer mental stimulation, movies offer visual stimulation. It has been proven that watching motivational movies can actually inspire a person and provide them with the motivation they need to hustle. Sometimes it is the concept of the movie itself, and some times it is the character of the person.

5. Yoga

Yoga literally means union of the body with infinite possibilities and one will experience it when they find themselves capable of bending in new ways. The freedom one feels during yoga is one of the most inspiring experiences. It not only keeps you fit and flexible, but also brings a certain kind of discipline and dedication into the lives of people who practice it. Moving from simple aasans to complex ones gives one the spark to take more risks and try out new things in life. 

6. Music

Music can sometimes be the best source of inspiration. They break all the barriers of communication and lodge themselves straight into a person’ heart. In scientific studies it is proved that kids or adults with autistic tendencies respond to music better than the words communicated. How inspiring is that? Apart from that, in the gyms we can hear songs with lyrics like ‘Thunder’, Certain sounds are designed to improve concentration, help to focus better while working or studying. Music can be an inspirational healer!

7. Close Friends/Family

Even if these people are not your role models, they can still be an inspiration to you! All of as have faced many ups and downs in life. If there is someone in your family or friends who has gone through a lot of difficult situations in life, and still fought them all to make it big – it gives you a lot of push to do something good for your own self. Talk to them about their journey, habits and mindset.

8. Kids

Have you ever thought that how much can we learn from kids? Watching a kid giggling care-freely or catching a cockroach bare hands teaches us so many things that we have forgotten due to the conditioning of our society. As we grow up we start thinking less about ourselves and more about others. We start doubting ourselves and our abilities. Kids remind us what we have forgotten a long time ago – to be free and be ourselves.

9. Constant Reminders

Some of us want to remain inspired and motivated but fail to do so. Our motivation fades away after two-three days and we come back to our lethargic selves. The best possible way to keep yourself inspired under these circumstances is to set constant reminders. For e.g. Keep listening to you tube videos of the people who motivate you or you can also decorate your room with motivational quotes. Maintaining a progress chart is another way. In any case constantly keep reminding yourself that why you started in the first place

10. You  

You are your biggest source of inspiration. Yes, you can have ideals but everyone’s path is different and you are the hero of your own story. Think about all the downs you faced in life till now and all the situations from which you thought you’ll never be able to come out. But you did! You survived everything you thought you would not! Give yourself enough credit and inspiration from your strengths.

11. Technology

In a world where everyone points their fingers at technology for numerous reasons, we also have technology to thank for the comfortable life we are living today. Everything that seemed impossible has been made possible through it which makes it a huge source of inspiration as well as innovation. You can mould your ideas into reality in no time!

So, you see there’s inspiration wherever you look! You really don’t need to wait for a special moment or a special source, just get up and get inspired. What are you waiting for? We gave you the push you needed!

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