Sculpture art holds a significant place in India, dating back to the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation (c. 3300-1300 BCE) and continuing as a prevalent practice. Throughout the history of the Indian subcontinent, sculptures have played a crucial role in documenting various aspects of life, making them valuable for reconstructing and comprehending our past.

Indian sculptors have long been captivated by mythological and religious figures, which are deeply ingrained in our culture. From ancient times, sculptures portraying Hindu gods and goddesses, Lord Buddha, and Christian figures have been prevalent themes in Indian sculpture art. Additionally, India boasts sculptures depicting animals, birds, and human figures engaged in daily activities. In the contemporary art scene, Indian artists are pushing boundaries by experimenting with abstract sculpture and multimedia forms.

Chapter NoChapter Name
Chapter 1Indus Civilization Sculpture
Chapter 2Buddhist Sculpture
Chapter 3Gupta Sculpture
Chapter 4Medieval School of Sculpture
Chapter 5Modern Indian Sculpture