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Preamble of Indian Constitution – Basics – UPSC Notes – Indian Polity

India followed the practice of constituting the Preamble, like many other countries that time, taking inspiration from the American Constitution. In fact, the American Constitution was the first to begin with a Preamble.

  • A preamble is an introductory and expressionary statement in a document with the intent of explaining the purpose of the document and its underlying philosophy.
  • Being a part of the Constitution, the Preamble presents the history behind the creation of the Preamble, the intent behind it, and the values and principles attached with it representing the nation.

What is the idea behind the Preamble of the Indian Constitution?

  • Source of the Constitution – A Preamble is generally the source behind the long document called the Constitution. It can be called a powerful crux of what is meant to be, according to the constitution.
  • Nature of the Indian State
  • Date of adoption
  • Statement of its objectives

History of the Preamble to Indian Constitution

  • The Objective Resolution was introduced by Nehru that outlined the goals of the Assembly in 1946.
  • The Objective Resolution embodied principles driving the Indian Constitution.
  • The Objectives Resolution institutionalized the values of liberty, equality, democracy, cosmopolitan identity and sovereignty.
  • The Preamble was accepted on January 22, 1947.
  • Preamble is regarded as the soul of the Constitution.

Preamble is non-enforceable, meaning, we cannot move to the court for the non-implementation of the Preamble in the court of law. The Preamble states clearly the objectives of the Constitution, and is thus used as a helpful source of interpretation of the various articles written in the Constitution.

The source of authority of the Constitution lies with the people of India, as indicated in the Preamble.

  • It declares India as a sovereign, secular, secular, and democratic republic.
  • Justice, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity are the objectives stated in the Preamble.
  • The Preamble mentions November 26, 1949, the date on which the Preamble was adopted.

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