Our Solar System

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  • There are a total of eight planets in our solar system.
  • Nebula, out of which the Solar System was formed, started to collapse and resulted in the formation of planets 4.6 billion years ago.
  • There is 1 sun, 8 planets, 60+ moons, and more than a million small bodies in the form of asteroids, comets.
  • Along with this, we get huge quantities of gas and dust-grains.
  • The planets are divided into two – Inner/Terrestrial Planets and Outer Planets.
  • Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are inner/terrestrial planets.
  • Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune are outer/jovian planets.
    • Jovian means Jupiter-like planets.
    • Jovian planets are larger in size as compared to the Terrestrial planets, mostly made up of Helium and Hydrogen.

Difference between Terrestrial & Jovian Planets

Terrestrial PlanetsJovian Planets
Terrestrial Planets are formed close to Star. Due to the heat of the Sun, the gas condenses to solid objectsJovian Planets are at quite a distance from the Sun.
The gas and dust gets blown away in the terrestrial planets due to solar winds of the SunSince the solar winds are not that intense, the Jovian Planets have icy clouds around the planet
They are smaller with lower gravityEscape of gas is minimal in these planets

Brief about all the planets

  • It is the closest planet to the Sun.
  • Temperature – 270 ºC to 427 ºC
  • No atmosphere present.
  • Closest to Earth
  • Extremely hot planet with 480ºC temperature
  • Atmosphere consists of 96% carbon dioxide, along with gasses like SO2 and CO.
  • Earth is the only planet known to sustain life.
  • Also called the Red Planet
  • Composition of atmosphere – 95% CO and red dust.
  • Relatively cold planet
  • Largest planet in the Solar System.
  • Has a rapidly spinning ball of gas.
  • Composition includes Hydrogen and Helium.
  • No solid surface is present in Jupiter.
  • Composition – Hydrogen and Helium, with 90% Nitrogen
  • Temperature – Minus 184ºC
  • Made up of highly poisonous gas – Hydrogen Cyanide.
  • Has a ring of the same around
  • Extremely cold planet
  • Has a tilted rotational axis
  • Last planet of our Solar system
  • Cold and Dark
  • Surface is coated with frozen methane.

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