NCERT Solutions for Class 6 ENGLISH – Chapter 5 – Tansen

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 5 – Tansen

You can get ThoughtChakra’s NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 5 – “Tansen” from the Supplementary Reader – A Pact with the Sun for free. These solutions will help students learn and understand English better on their own. Our experts at ThoughtChakra have carefully created these NCERT Solutions to give the most reliable answers for Class 6 students.

The story, “Tansen,” is about the famous singer Tansen in Emperor Akbar’s court. He showcased his talent and became a personal favorite of the Emperor. This chapter introduces students to the wonderful world of music, art, and culture exhibited by talented singers and musicians who were highly esteemed in the kings’ courts. Despite challenges from enemies trying to discredit their talents, they always emerged victorious. To learn more about the story, students can use ThoughtChakra’s NCERT Solutions.

Students can easily download these NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English in PDF format through the provided link in the article below.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 5 – Tansen

Exercise Questions

Question 1:

Why did Swami Haridas say Tansen was ‘talented’?


Tansen, when he was young, was a mischievous kid who could copy the sounds of birds and animals perfectly. One day, a well-known singer named Swami Haridas and his students rested in a shady area. Tansen, upon seeing them, tried to scare them by making a tiger-like roar. When they realized it was Tansen, Swami Haridas was amazed by his ability and praised him as ‘talented’.

Question 2:

Why did Akbar ask Tansen to join his court?


Tansen learned music from Swami Haridas for eleven years and became a fantastic and well-known singer. One day, he performed in Akbar’s court, and the Emperor was very impressed. Akbar liked his singing so much that he asked Tansen to join his court right away.

Question 3:

How do we know that Akbar was fond of Tansen? Give two reasons.


Tansen was loved by Emperor Akbar. The Emperor would frequently ask Tansen to sing for him, even dropping by Tansen’s house to listen to him practice. Additionally, Akbar would give Tansen many lovely gifts.

Question 4:

What did the other courtiers feel about Tansen?


As Tansen became more popular, jealousy grew among the other court members in Akbar’s court. They planned to destroy his music career and remove him permanently.

Question 5:

(i) What happens if Raga Deepak is sung properly?

(ii) Why did Tansen’s enemies want him to sing the Raga?


(i) If the Raga Deepak was sung correctly, the air and surroundings would become extremely hot, even to the point of burning the singer to ashes.

(ii) Some court members of Akbar were jealous of Tansen and his fame. They turned into his enemies and plotted for him to sing Raga Deepak, hoping he would perish from the intense heat and turn to ashes.

Question 6:

Why did Tansen agree to sing Raga Deepak?


Tansen was scared to sing Raga Deepak, but he said yes because he couldn’t defy the king. Also, he wanted to show how good he was at singing and how talented he was in music.

Question 7:

(i) What steps did he take to save himself?

(ii) Did his plan work? How?


(i) Tansen got really worried and scared when asked to sing Raga Deepak. He asked the king for some time to get ready. During this time, he had a clever plan. He taught Raga Megh to his daughter, Saraswati, and her friend, Rupvati for two weeks. He told them that right after he finishes singing Raga Deepak, they should start singing Raga Megh to make it rain and reduce the heat.

(ii) Tansen’s plan worked perfectly. When he sang Raga Deepak, everything got really hot—the leaves dried up, birds fell dead, river water started boiling, and people were scared because flames suddenly appeared and lit the lamps. Just then, Saraswati and Rupvati began to sing Raga Megh, and the sky filled with dark clouds, bringing rain. This saved Tansen’s life and prevented more damage to the surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Supplementary English Chapter 5

Q1. Can the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Supplementary English Chapter 5 PDF from ThoughtChakra assist in exam preparations?

Chapter 5 of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 provides detailed answers in the PDF, prepared by highly experienced faculty in the subject at ThoughtChakra, following the CBSE guidelines and exam patterns. This resource helps students understand the key topics better, enhancing their performance in board exams. Moreover, the PDFs of solutions can be downloaded for free and used to answer questions from the NCERT textbook during study.

Q2. Do ThoughtChakra’s NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Supplementary English Chapter 5 offer accurate information for board exam preparation?

The solutions provided by ThoughtChakra are accurate and align with the guidelines set by the CBSE board. Our faculty create these modules with passion, ensuring students can efficiently learn new topics. NCERT Solutions are detailed yet easy to comprehend, making it engaging for students to revisit the concepts after learning them. Students can access the PDF format of solutions available on ThoughtChakra with a free download option, aiding them in scoring well in the board exams.

Q3. Why did Akbar invite Tansen to join his court, as discussed in NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Supplementary English Chapter 5?

Tansen learned music from Swami Haridas for eleven years, becoming a great and famous singer. When Tansen performed in Akbar’s court, the Emperor was highly impressed. Akbar liked his singing so much that he immediately asked Tansen to join his court. Students can rely on this resource for exam preparations as subject experts at ThoughtChakra have carefully curated all the answers.

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