kdrama for Beginners

Kdrama for Beginners

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So, diving into the world of K-dramas is like stepping into a familiar place with famous faces and exciting stories. You’ve got the heartthrobs like Lee Min-ho and the charming actresses like Shin Hye-sun.

K-dramas come in all flavors—sweet rom-coms, hilarious comedies, historical sagas, and intense action dramas. It’s like a buffet of emotions!

If you’re new to K-dramas and wondering where to start, don’t worry. We’ve made a list of some awesome ones with different genres and popular actors. Get ready for a binge-watch session filled with Korean pop culture magic!

Legends of Blue Sea Review

I’m just amazed at how the Koreans can create such well-crafted fantasy series that transport us to another world. After binge-watching Arthdal and The Alchemy of Souls, I stumbled upon this gem. Each one is a unique blend of fantasy, comedy, drama, and romance, but in its own distinct way.

The Legend of the Blue Sea, in particular, stands out as a pure romantic series with a perfect storyline. Everything unfolds in the right order, revealing information at just the right time. The plotlines converge seamlessly, even throwing in some light thrills in the second half.

What I love most about The Legend of the Blue Sea is its portrayal of love, reminiscent of an old folk tale set in the modern world. The fantasy elements are beautifully depicted without unnecessary explanations or dwelling on the hows and whys. It just is, and we accept it without questioning or seeing it as a plot hole.

Reply 1997 Review

Reflecting on high school days, I often wonder what stands out the most and what we deemed important back then. I, Sung Shi Won, along with my five friends—Yoon Yoon Jae, Mo Yoo Jung, Kang Joon Hee, Do Hak Chan, and Bang Sung Jae—shared a close bond during our high school years in 1997. It was a time when K-pop and celebrity idols were taking the nation by storm, and we found ourselves swept up in the fervor surrounding our favorite stars.

At the age of 18, my world revolved around Tony An of H.O.T., and my sole aspiration was to grow up and become his wife. Yoo Jung, my best friend, shared a similar passion, falling in love with a different idol every day. Fast forward fifteen years to our mini-reunion at the age of 33, where two of our friends surprise us with news of their impending marriages. As we reminisce about the height of our teenage angst, the challenge for the viewer is to decipher which two friends fell in love over the 15 years since high school, reminiscent of the popular American sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” Whose passionate idolization of K-pop stars transformed into genuine love for each other?

“Answer Me 1997,” also known as “Reply 1997,” is a 2012 South Korean drama series directed by Shin Won Ho.

What’s wrong with secretary Kim Review

Guys, let me spill the tea on this show! First off, forget the usual eye candy – there are hotter celebs out there than PSJ and PMY. But hold up, by the end of episode one, I was head over heels! Their chemistry is off the charts, and their performances, both solo and together, are next-level. They’re basically the show’s secret sauce.

Now, let’s talk plot. Unlike your typical love triangle dramas, this one keeps the spotlight on the main duo. No unnecessary complications, just a real, honest-to-goodness couple vibe. And brace yourselves – they actually communicate! None of that fake drama stuff, just genuine talks about real couple struggles.

Oh, and the romance? Prepare for a wild ride. Most K-Dramas stick to the kiddie version of love, but not this one. Brace yourselves for not one, not two, but over six seriously steamy kiss scenes! And guess what? There’s even a (gasp!) passionate bedroom scene. Yeah, they went there.

If you’re hunting for something groundbreaking, maybe this isn’t your vibe. But if you’re craving a classic RomCom K-Drama with a fairy tale ending that’s not shy on the physical stuff, trust me, this one’s a winner. Highly recommended – don’t miss out!

Weightlifting Fairy Review

Guys, you’ve got to check out this amazing feel-good show! It’s seriously one of the best mood lifters out there. I was cracking up and then feeling all warm and fuzzy inside – it’s that cheerful! When you need an energy boost, this is the go-to.

It’s not just laughs; there’s love, emotion, and a perfect blend of everything. Meet Kim Bok Joo, a weightlifter aiming for the national team. Her friends and love life? Totally spot-on. You’ll see them go through different stages, and it’s relatable AF. The passion and effort they bring to the table? Inspirational vibes for days.

But here’s the kicker – it’s not just your typical rom-com. It’s got depth. After watching, I realized we’re missing out on the carefree youth life and that fire in our hearts. Trust me, it’s a must-watch for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to catch those good vibes!

Boys over flowers Review

Guys, I just discovered something cool about Boys Before Flowers – it’s not just another Korean drama, it’s actually the third version of the story! First, there were Taiwanese versions “Meteor Garden I & II,” and then the Japanese “Hana Yori Dango.” Throw in the original anime, and you’ve got the fourth round on the small screen.

Being the latest kid on the block gave them the chance to pick the best stuff from the previous versions and add their own twist. Picture this – the story takes you to some fancy spots, including New Caledonia in the South Pacific. The scenes are breathtaking and bring a whole new vibe to the story. Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy an auto race with some seriously cool Lotus sport cars? Maybe that’s more of a guy thing. =)

Beyond all the flashy richness, there’s a classic fairy tale vibe. Think Cinderella’s ball transformation, a damsel in distress, and a knight on a fiery steed. These are concepts that everyone, even without subtitles, can laugh, cry, and cheer along with.

Now, let’s talk about the cast – they nailed it! The young actors, mostly in their late teens to early twenties, totally owned their roles, whether they were ridiculously wealthy or hardworking middle class. The parents, played by veteran actors, were spot-on too. Shoutout to Jun Pyo’s mother for rocking the ‘villain’ role.

After getting hooked on this drama, I went back to check out “Meteor Garden” and “Hana Yori Dango,” and they were awesome too. Each has its own charm and fits its time period perfectly. But you know what sets Boys Before Flowers apart? It’s the grand finale – being the last to be made, it shows in the epic production.

If you can get your hands on this series, do yourself a favor and enjoy the ride!

Fight for my way Review

Oh, guys, you won’t believe how blown away I am by this guy! I mean, is there any role he can’t slay?! Started with Itaewon Class, but then, while eagerly waiting for the weekly episodes, I stumbled upon this gem and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” And let me tell you, Seo-joon is like my new obsession. I thought he was just a good actor, but in this drama… whoa! Move over, Woo Do-hwan, there’s a new contender.

The dude’s range of roles is insane, and he’s rocking every single one. The story is top-notch, although it gets a bit shaky after episode 11. But hey, the romantic parts are hitting all the right notes. Humor’s there too, maybe lost a tad in translation, but no cringe – they nailed it! What I love is that the story keeps it light, and the actors aren’t taking themselves too seriously.

Let’s talk about the female lead – she’s killing it! Acting skills on point. The female lead in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” was good too, but in Itaewon Class… oh my, she’s on another level. Ignore the older googly-eyed one – not even worth mentioning. Anyway, this drama has me hooked, and Seo-joon is officially my new K-drama crush! 🌟

Goblin Review

Oh, brace yourselves, drama enthusiasts! Every once in a blue moon, the universe aligns, and BAM! “Goblin” bursts onto the scene, a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary. Imagine the magic that unfolds when the genius mind of writer Kim Eun-Sook dances with impeccable directing, jaw-dropping cinematography, and the powerhouse acting of Gong Yoo and the rest of the incredible cast.

This, my friends, isn’t just a KDrama; it’s a work of art that transcends borders. Forget the sometimes backhanded compliments like “great…for a KDrama.” No, no, no! “Goblin” is just straight-up phenomenal television, period.

I’ve been on the KDrama train for a good decade, and let me tell you, this one takes the cake. It’s not just for drama buffs; it’s a must-watch for anyone who appreciates top-tier cinematic brilliance worldwide. Trust me, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Highly recommended for a binge-watch session that will leave you absolutely breathless! 🌟

In the mesmerizing world of Korean dramas, our journey unveils a tapestry of diverse stories. From the enchanting romance of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” to the timeless charm of “Boys Before Flowers,” each drama offers a unique flavor. “Answer Me 1997” immerses us in the nostalgia of youth, while “Itaewon Class” showcases Park Seo-joon’s versatile talent. “Goblin” stands as a transcendent masterpiece, and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” captivates with humor and romance. Through a fan’s eyes, Seo-joon becomes a K-drama crush. Our odyssey concludes with a reminder: in K-dramas, the stories are endless, and the magic is eternal.

FAQs on KDRAMA for Beginners

1. What is the best KDrama for beginners?

Start with classics like “Boys Over Flowers” or “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.” They offer engaging plots and relatable characters.

2. Can you recommend a list of 50 best Korean dramas for beginners?

Check out popular titles like “Descendants of the Sun,” “Crash Landing On You,” and “Itaewon Class” for a diverse and captivating experience.

3. What is KDrama 7?

KDrama 7 could refer to a streaming service, but for a great experience, explore platforms like Viki, Netflix, or Rakuten Viki.

4. Recommend a KDrama with a good rating.

“Goblin,” “Reply 1988,” and “Signal” are highly rated and loved by audiences, offering a mix of genres.

5. What KDrama should I watch next?

Based on preferences, try “While You Were Sleeping” for a thrilling plot or “My Love from the Star” for a heartwarming sci-fi romance.

6. Is “When We Were Young” a recommended drama?

Yes, “When We Were Young” is a captivating Chinese drama with a nostalgic storyline about friendship and love.

7. Which KDrama is available on YouTube?

Check official channels like KBS World TV and Viki for legal and subtitled KDramas available on YouTube.

8. How many dramas did Shakespeare write?

Shakespeare wrote 39 plays, including tragedies like “Hamlet” and comedies like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” None of them was a KDRAMA.

9. Why is KDrama addictive?

KDramas often feature compelling storytelling, relatable characters, and a perfect blend of emotions, making them irresistibly addictive.

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