India SocietySalient features of Indian SocietyIntroduction
Characteristics Of Indian Society
Caste System – Features and Transformation
Weakening and Strengthening of Caste System- A Paradox
Religious Pluralism and Multi-culturalism
Kinship, Marriage and Family
Diversity in India – Various forms
Factors leading to Unity amidst Diversity in India
Factors that threaten India’s unity
Role of women and women’s organizationSocial Construction of Gender
 Status and role of Women
Social Structure, Social Institutions and Women
Nature, Range and Patterns of Women’s Work
Women’s Movements – Pre-Independence and Post-Independence
Women Development approach post Independence – Welfare, Developmental, Empowerment Approach 
Recent Approach – Gender Equality
Constitutional Provisions, Laws and Policies for Women in India 
International Initiatives for Women
Analysis of Women’s Current Situation in India
Government Response and Steps
Women’s Organizations
Population and Associated IssuesPopulation Theory of Population Growth
Understanding ‘Demography’
Population Trends – Recent Census
Population Characteristics – Density and Distribution
Determinants of Population Change – Fertility, Mortality and Migration
Demographic Dividend and Its Issues
Population Pyramid (The age-sex pyramid) and Regional Variations
Population Composition – Age, Sex, Literacy, Working Population and Adoloscents
Population Issues in India
Population Policies and Measure to Control Population Growth in India – National Population Policy, 2000
MigrationMigration Issues and Trends
Characteristics of Migrants in India – Inter-state and Intra-state Migration
Factors causing Migration
Consequences of Migration
Internal Migration v/s External Migration
Internal Migration – Reasons and Issues
Problems of Refugees, Displaced Persons and Climate Refugees
Government Schemes
Effects of Globalization on Indian societyImpact of Globalization on Indian Culture – Homogenization versus Glocalization of culture
Impact of Globalization on – Women, Youth, Elderly, Family, Caste System, Employment, Agriculture and State Institutions
CommunalismDefinition, Elements, Features and Types of Communalism
Factors aiding Communalism in India
Evolution of Communalism in India – Pre and Post Independence
Communalism in Contemporary India
Institutional Communalism
Measures to Address the Problem of Communalism
RegionalismCharacteristics, Types and Basis of Regionalism
Regionalism in Indian Politics
Reasons for persistence of regional disparities in India
Impact of Regionalism
Regionalism and National Integration
Regionalism & Federalism
Poverty and Developmental IssuesMeaning and Classification of ‘Poverty’
Various Dimensions Associated with Poverty In India
Impact of COVID 19 and Climate Change on Poverty
Strategies to Alleviate Poverty in India
Urbanization and its Phenomenon, their problems and remediesMeaning Of Urbanization
Classification Of Urban Cities In India
Urban Agglomeration
Census Towns
Social Change and Effects Brought By Urbanization In Indian Society
Family and kinship
Urbanization and Caste
Urbanization and the Status of Women
Problems of Urbanization in IndiaUnplanned urbanization & Over Crowding of Cities.
Safety & Security – Urban Riots
Access to Basic Services – Health, Education, Drinking Water, Sanitation
Urban Inequality
Traffic Congestion
Decreased Group Solidarity
Rural urban divide
Urban Crimes 
A Critical Appraisal Of This Social Change On Indian Society
Urban Values
Government Measures To Address Issues of Urbanization In India
SecularismMeaning and Features of Secularism
Comparison of Western and Indian Form of Secularism
Secularisation and Secularism
Contemporary Issues – UCC, Triple Talaq, Entry Movement to Religious Places (Sabarimala, Haji Ali Dargah. Santhara)
Importance and Threats of Secularism In The Indian Context
Indian Constitution And Secularism
Social EmpowermentMeaning of ‘Empowerment’
Importance of Social Empowerment in the Indian Context
Issues of Social Empowerment
Measures taken for Social Empowerment  post Independence
A Critical Appraisal of these Measures
Alternative Approaches to Social Empowerment In India
Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter 1Salient Features Of Indian Society
Chapter 2Role Of Women And Women’s Organization
Chapter 3Population And Associated Issues
Chapter 4Poverty And Developmental Issues
Chapter 5Urbanization Their Problems And Their Remedies
Chapter 6Effects Of Globalization On Indian Society
Chapter 7Communalism
Chapter 8Regionalism
Chapter 9Secularism