Chapter No.Chapter Name & Topic Name
Chapter 1Indian Constitution
Chapter 2Historical Background of Indian Constitution
Chapter 3Constituent Assembly of India
Chapter 4Salient Features of Indian Constitution
Chapter 5Union with Centralizing Tendencies
Chapter 6Parliamentary Form of Democracy
Chapter 7Preamble of India
Chapter 8Articles 1-4 (Part I) – The Union and its Territory
Chapter 9History of Re-organisation in India
Chapter 10Citizenship
Chapter 11Fundamental Rights
Chapter 12Directive Principles of State Policy
Chapter 13Fundamental Duties
Chapter 14Amendments
Chapter 15Emergency Provision
Chapter 16Central-State Relations
Chapter 17Inter – State Relations
Chapter 18President
Chapter 19Vice President
Chapter 20Prime Minister
Chapter 21Council of Minister
Chapter 22Governor
Chapter 23Chief Minister
Chapter 24State Council of Minister
Chapter 25Parliament
Chapter 26State Legislature
Chapter 27Union Territories
Chapter 28Local Government
Chapter 2973rd Constitutional Amendment Act 1992 – Panchayats
Chapter 3074th Constitutional Amendment Act 1992 – Municipalities
Chapter 31Scheduled and Tribal Areas
Chapter 32Supreme Court
Chapter 33High Court
Chapter 34Subordinate Judiciary
Chapter 35Separation of Powers
Chapter 36Comparative Constitutionalism
Chapter 37Election in India
Chapter 38Cooperative societies
Chapter 39Constitutional Bodies
Chapter 40Statutory Bodies
Chapter 41Non – Statutory Bodies
Chapter 42Important Doctrines & Terms
Chapter 43Special Provisions Related to Certain Sections
Chapter 44World Organisations and Headquarters
Chapter 45Important Indian Institutions and Headquarters
Chapter 46National Symbols and Flag Code