Indian GeographyGeneral IntroductionGeographical Location and Extension
International Border Lines of India
Political and Administrative Divisions
Physical Geography of IndiaGeological Structure and Physiographic Division of India
Classification of Indian Rock System
Himalayan – Classification and Significant Features
Northern Plains – Classification and Significant Features
Peninsular Plateau – Classification and Significant Features
Coastal Plains – Classification and Significant Features
Island – Classification and Significant Features
Desert – Classification and Significant Features
Drainage SystemDrainage Pattern of Indian Rivers
Himalayan Drainage System
Peninsular Drainage System
Rivers and its tributaries
National River Linking Project
Water harvesting system – Modern and Traditional
First Waterbodies Census
Climate of IndiaFactors Affecting the Climate of India
The Indian Monsoon
Jet Streams
Seasons in India
Rainfall Distribution in India
Western Disturbances
Climatic Regions of India
Tropical Cylones
Earthquakes in India
Cyclones in India
Indian SoilsMajor and Minor Soils of India
Soil Erosion, Degradation and Conservation
Natural Vegetation of IndiaFactors affecting Indian Forests and their Distribution
Classification of Indian Forests
Problems of Indian Forestry
Forest Conservation 
Factors Affecting Indian Forests and their Distribution
Forest Legislations
Indian State of Forest Report (ISFR) – 2021
Social Forestry and its Types
Indian AgricultureFactors affecting Indian Agriculture
Types of Indian Agricultural System
Major Revolution – Green, White, Blue, Apiculture, Sericulture and Horticulture
Major Crops Grown In India and Cropping Patterns in India
Agriculture crops production in India
Agro-Climatic Regions
Challenges of Indian Agriculture
Land Reforms in India
Land Use Pattern
Animal Husbandry
Irrigation, its types
Major Irrigation Projects
Indian Economic and Human GeographyMineral Resources – Classification, Distribution, Conservation
Mineral Belts of India
Energy Resources – Classification and Energy Crisis, Policies
Industries – Factors affecting Locations, Major Industries in India
Major and Minor Industrial Regions of India
Industrial Policies – 1991 and Recent Updates
Modes of Transport – Land, Water, Air, Railways, Ports
Communication – Postal, Telegraph, Satellite, Cyber Space
Trade Trends and Policies of India
Population in India – Population Growth and Trends, Demographic Composition
Demographic Dividend
National Population Policy, 2000
Urbanisation and Settlements – Rural and Urban
Cultural Regions of India – Races, Tribes
Regional Development and Planning
MappingMap Based Questions from India
Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter 1Physical Geography of India
Chapter 2Indian Climate
Chapter 3Drainage System
Chapter 4Soils
Chapter 5Indian Flora and Fauna
Chapter 6Indian Economic and Human Geography
Chapter 7Wind Energy
Chapter 8Industries
Chapter 9Roadways
Chapter 10Map based Questions from India
(Location of State, City, River, Lakes, Important Places including Ramsar Sites, Biosphere Reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks)