Topic No.Topic NameSub-Topic Name
Topic 1Agriculture typology
Topic 2Major Crops Grown in India
Topic 3Agro-Climatic Regions
Topic 4Land Reforms and Land use pattern
Topic 5Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Aquaculture
Topic 6Water ResourcesAvailability and potential
Lakes, rivers, dams
Power Projects and irrigation projects
Interlinking of rivers
Topic 7Mineral ResourcesClassification
Topic 8Energy ResourcesConventional
Non-conventional resources
Wind Energy
Topic 9Population and Growth trends – density, sex ratio, literacy, tribes and racial groups in India
Topic 10Rural and Urban Settlements
Topic 11IndustriesINDUSTRIES – TYPES
Locational factors
Topic 12Transport and CommunicationRailways
Water transport
Shipping and sea-ports
Air transport