Inception – Movie Review

We come across a lot of movies in a lifetime but there are only few that leaves a deep imprint on our minds and leaves us in awe wondering ‘what just happened” or “what did I just watch” or “why did it happen or How did it happen”.

Inception is one of those movies that you can only watch once as a first timer, so I would say choose your timings when nobody can interrupt you and only then watch the mind blowing concept of dreams and sub-conscious reality. I warn you that your favorite science fiction is going to change after watching it !

Plot – What’s so exceptional?

We all see dreams when we sleep. Don’t we?

Sometimes vague other times vivid, and at some rare moments so intense that we don’t feel like coming back to reality. But what if someone uses our dreams against us? Have you ever heard of such culprits who get into your subconscious through your dreams and invades the ideas in your mind?

As they say “An idea, thought is like a virus, resilient and highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow. And it can grow to define or destroy you.”


Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster ‘Inception’ starring the Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio is one such brutal yet amazing three-hour thrilling ride into the complex frames of the networks braided with multiple subconscious.

Twists and Turns

Mr. Cobb (Leonardo), who is a professional dream invader, along with his extremely intricate team breaks into the minds of people to find out the darkest and most important corporate secrets.

So Next time you want to find out insider secrets, hire a dream invader!

The compelling story starts in the surreal concept of ‘a dream inside a dream’, where Mr. Cobb is trying to extract a piece of information out of his target’s subconscious. Soon the plot starts to unfold and it gets fast-paced and gripping when Mr. Cobb is offered a one-time offer to do the reverse, i.e. to incept an idea instead of extracting one from a corporate king. The price paid to get the job done is something he cannot refuse as the corporate king promises to wipe his criminal history clean and allow him to go home to his kids and that’s where everything goes wrong and his plan starts to backfire. The despair and the dark mystery of his past which he kept guarded in the deepest treasures and the parallel reality that he had hidden in his heart starts unraveling themselves and threatens to create deadly dangers in his mission, which is, his only hope to go ‘home’.

Will he be able to complete this near-impossible task?


Go, get intrigued and push the boundaries of your mind. – Times of India

In Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” a specialist in corporate mental espionage and his co-workers penetrate the minds of their slumbering targets – NY Times

This endlessly fascinating swirl of a film could have come only from Nolan, who blends the cerebral twistiness of Memento (his thriller that moves backward in time) with the spectacular action of his Batman megahit, The Dark Knight – Caryn James, Top Critic, Rotten Tomatoes

8.8/10 – IMBD

Acting and Screenplay – Get Ready to be amazed !

Inception is different than other science fiction movies, its riveting concept and enigmatic cinematography will leave you in awe at the finesse of its direction and making.

Kudos to Wally Pfister, for creating vivid details and intriguing twists to keep the audience from getting confused in spite of vivid realism created in every action scene that involves thrilling and dramatic chases, fights, and crashes.

Leonardo DiCaprio graces the screen with his spectacular performance and is at his best in convincing the audience and making them experience the surrealistic tension with his fantastic character portrayal. The pain, the misery, the despair, the love, the tension, the thriller and most importantly the suspense created, as promised, by Christopher Nolan’s works can be seen and experienced intensely throughout the mind-blowing hours that completely absorbs your attention.

So what are you waiting for? hold your breaths and get ready to be amazed !

  • Lead Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Time: 2h 42m
  • Release Date – 16 July 2010
  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Box Office: 83.68 crores USD
  • Genre: Science Fiction

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