Important Functionaries – Constituent Assembly of India | UPSC Indian Polity Notes

M.N Roy first proposed the idea of a constituent assembly in 1934.

The actual constituent assembly was, however, formed in 1946, based on the Cabinet Mission Plan.

What was the important function of the Constituent Assembly of India?

  • The Constituent Assembly was elected indirectly to frame the Indian Constitution.
  • It was composed of the representatives from the provincial assemblies which were indirectly elected by its members.
  • Following India’s independence from British rule, the Constituent Assembly acted as the first Provisional Parliament, before the first elections in 1952.
  • The demand for a constituent assembly became official by the Indian National Congress in 1935.
  • In the Lucknow session of April 1936, Jawahar Lal Nehru, the President of this session, put across the demand for a Constituent Assembly.
  • The Government of India Act 1935 rejected the demand, calling it imposition of a Constitution against the will of Indians.
  • Later, C. Rajagopalachari called for the Constituent Assembly on 15th November 1939, based on an adult franchise.
  • The idea of forming a Constituent Assembly was first accepted by the British in their August Offer of 1940.

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