Explain why suicide among young women is increasing in Indian society. (Answer in 150 words ) 10

Explain why suicide among young women is increasing in Indian society. (Answer in 150 words ) 10

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India is grappling with a severe crisis of suicides among its young women, as per the NCRB. The reported figures have escalated from 12.7 to 17.5 per 1,00,000 (from 2011 to 2021), with one woman between the ages of 15 and 39 tragically ending her life every hour. These alarming statistics underscore the urgent requirement for enhanced protective measures.


Relative Deprivation: Despite strides in education and empowerment, persistent stigma creates conflicts for young women, leading to status inconsistency. This tension is particularly noticeable in South India, where modern viewpoints clash with traditional norms (Lancet, 2018).

Changing Family Dynamics: Globalization has triggered shifts in relationship dynamics, fostering feelings of isolation among young women. The decline of joint families leaves homemakers more susceptible to mental health challenges.

Patriarchal Structure: Gender discrimination restricts access to education, healthcare, and proper nutrition. Societal pressure regarding marriage stigmatizes unmarried women, while early marriage contributes to violence, deepening gender bias and despair.

Limited Economic Opportunities: A lack of economic independence, often compounded by a glass ceiling, fosters pessimism and self-doubt.

Mental Health Concerns: Unrealistic beauty standards and the burden of managing dual roles intensify the plight of women, worsening mental health conditions.

Sexual Violence: A high incidence of sexual violence, coupled with victim-blaming and social stigma, exacerbates psychological distress among women.

Technology and Social Media: Excessive use of technology amplifies feelings of depression and contributes to cyberbullying, exacerbating the risk of mental health issues.

All these factors significantly contribute to heightened stress, potentially leading to tragic deaths by suicide.


Comprehensive solutions necessitate an emphasis on the care economy, the implementation of laws against marital rape, the establishment of one-stop centers to provide mental health support, alongside efforts to eliminate gender discrimination and violence, as well as the promotion of education and employment.

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