Do you think marriage as a sacrament is loosing its value in Modern India? (Answer in 150 words ) 10

Do you think marriage as a sacrament is loosing its value in Modern India? (Answer in 150 words ) 10


Contemporary liberal values have left a profound impact on Indian society, with the institution of marriage being no exception. Under the influence of globalization and westernization, its fundamental nature and essence have undergone significant evolution in modern India.


The Declining Significance of Marriage in Indian Society:

  • Individualism: Particularly in urban areas, there has been a decline in the emphasis on family or community values. Individuals seek personal space and increased freedom to pursue their interests and hobbies.
  • Rise of Live-in Relationships: The influence of globalization and the proliferation of Western culture is evident, with many young people in urban settings opting for live-in relationships as an alternative to marriage.
  • Legal Recognition of New Values: The recent decisions by the Supreme Court of India, affirming the right to privacy, acknowledging same-sex marriage, and endorsing inter-religious marriage, highlight the legal acceptance of evolving societal values.
  • Changing Adoption Norms: While the concept of adoption is not new in India, it is now openly discussed and increasingly practiced. The Central Adoption Resource Authority has simplified the adoption process and enabled single individuals to adopt children.
  • Perception of Marriage as a Burden: The institution of marriage is gradually losing its traditional significance. Instead of being viewed as a cherished bond, it is often perceived as a burden. The rising divorce rate further reflects this shift in societal values.

The Enduring Significance of Marriage in Indian Society:

  • Religious Endorsement: In India, especially in rural and town regions, marriage continues to hold sacred significance. Religious customs govern marriage rituals and inheritance practices.
  • Social Approval of Marriage: The prevalent practice of arranged marriage is rooted in the belief that love often blossoms post-marriage rather than before. Given that marriage enjoys social approval, the expression of love also necessitates social acceptance.
  • Celebration of Family: The institution of family remains highly revered, as it is considered foundational for the establishment and nurturing of familial ties. The observance of the International Day of Families on May 15th each year provides a platform to honor the distinct bonds and affection shared within families.


Consequently, the influences of globalization and westernization have somewhat weakened the institution of marriage in India, although this impact remains largely confined to cosmopolitan cities. Despite this, marriage continues to retain its revered status and celebrated significance in India, particularly in rural communities.

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