Chalcolithic Period in India

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Recently, the two prominent sites of the Chalcolithic times – Eran in Sagar District, and Tewar in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh, were excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).


Metals were used at the end of the Neolithic period. Chalcolithic is an amalgamation of two words – Chalco meaning Copper, and Lithic meaning Stone. Chalcolithic, as a name indicates, was a period when both stones and metals were used. This was done to help the people build and manufacture day to day utensils and equipment.

The Chalcolithic cultures were followers of the Bronze Age Harappa culture.

  • Period – The Chalcolithic period spanned between 2500 BC to 700 BC.

What are some of the salient features of the Chalcolithic period?

If we talk about some prominent features of this time, we can conclude that the use of ceramics, copper and beads was common to make daily utensils, stone tools, artifacts, and terracotta images.

What was the Rural Settlement like in the Chalcolithic period?

As is the case today in India, most of the inhabitants were rural and lived in the hilly regions of Central India.

The people majorly depended on hunting, farming, fishing, and other such activities to live.

Was there any hierarchy in the society of the Chalcolithic period?

If we talk about the social structure, there was a hierarchical system that was followed. This is concluded from the fact that different types of cereals and potteries are visible, showing that some of them belonged to the upper economic class, while some belonged to the lower class.

Was migration and diffusion a major concern in the Chalcolithic period?

Some of the most leading reasons known for the origin of a multicultural society in the Chalcolithic period is migration and diffusion of a lot of population groups.

First Metal Age of India: The Chalcolithic period was the first metal age, in which the use of copper & bronze (an alloy of copper) were used to manufacture utensils and daily use objects.

Pottery:  Most of the Art & Craft that we see in the Chalcolithic period were in the form of pottery. The pottery was painted in orange and red. Along with this, we also find some Black and Red pottery. 

The use of Ochre-Coloured Pottery(OCP) is also known.

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