Indian Heritage and Culture

Architecture in India – UPSC Indian Heritage and Culture Notes

Architecture in India is a rich and diverse field that spans thousands of years and encompasses a wide range of styles and influences. From ancient rock-cut cave temples to ornate palace complexes and modern skyscrapers, Indian architecture reflects the country’s rich history, cultural heritage, and religious traditions. Indian architecture also incorporates elements from a variety of regional styles, as well as influences from colonialism, Islamic, and Western architecture. Today, Indian architecture continues to evolve and incorporate new materials and technology, while also preserving and celebrating its rich heritage.

We will read in detail about the various architecture and its evolution in India.

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  1. Indus Civilization
  2. Temple Architecture
  3. Medieval Architecture
  4. Indo-Islamic Architecture
  5. Rock-cut Architecture
  6. Buddhist Architecture
  7. Mauryan Architecture
  8. Post Mauryan Art
  9. Gupta Architecture
  10. Important Ancient Scriptures and Edicts
  11. Famous Universities of Ancient India
  12. Major Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites in India
  13. Major Jain Pilgrimage Sites in India
  14. Modern Architecture
  15. Post-Independence architecture

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